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The Courageous Girl

    Hadith was one year old when her family, like many other Afghans, fled the chaos and war in Afghanistan to find a safer shelter somewhere outside the country. After a long journey they settled in Iran.  She grew up in Iran and finished her school there.  Yet: “Iran is more advanced country than Afghanistan. I grew up there, but still, I was never treated like a normal citizen. There are thousands of people like me who have been living there since a long time, but they still feel and are treated like refugees.” She said.

    “When I finished my school I was determined to continue my studies but I couldn’t because only a very limited number of Afghans had the chance to study in Iranian Universities.” This could not prevent Hadith from following her ambitions. Her passion persuaded her to informally learn Middle Eastern Makeup. To improve her skills professionally Hadith worked with several beauty Salons in Tehran and other Iranian cities as her family’s refugee status compiled them to move from one place to another place. But she was not allowed to launch her own business and so finally, the family decides to return back to their country.

    “When I first arrived in Afghanistan, everything was odd and outlandish.  People seemed rude and harsh while talking with one another. I was scared. Everyone was teasing me because I grew up in Iran and speak with an Iranian accent. Slowly I managed to deal with the situation. “A few months later I established my own beauty salon in a relatively well to do area of Kabul.  In a short period of two and half years my Salon became the leading beauty parlor in the area.”

    Hadith hired 11 employees including one photographer to carry out her business. Razia a frequent said. “I think they are professional in their work. What really fascinates me is their honest and friendly behavior. They do not promise what they can’t do and that’s the key to customer’s loyalty”

    Along with her business, Hadith is also pursuing her studies. Her appearance reflects her confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism. She says: “These are her driving forces toward future.” When I look back, there are two determining factors: Skills and enthusiasm as well  as perseverance. I say enthusiasm and perseverance together because they are dependent on each other and meaningless without each other. Perhaps it may differ from one person to another but I believe it is possible for everyone to create their own story if they chose to face the problem rather than avoiding it.”