A basic literacy class in Qala-e-Wahid Refugees Camp. The class held three days a week, every day two hours only red more


Naan-o-Namak: sharing bread and salt

Naan-o-namak shodan (literally in Persian, to share bread & salt) is an expression used by Afghans to describe having a ...
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Throwing wood – a tradition of early engagement among Afghans

In Badakhshan province, when a girl in one family and a boy in another family are born on the same ...
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Are interethnic marriages still a taboo for Afghans?

Every morning she wakes up with her favorite Pashto good-morning greeting "sahar pakhair" and I respond in Dari "sobh bakhair" ...
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"Together We Are Strong" was the theme of a conference held On December 5, 2019 in Kabul, bringing together more ...
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Then Anadem of Flowers

Golo-Har, (the Anadem of Flowers) was the name of a socio-cultural event conducted by Nangarhar Social Cultural Container. The event ...
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Nawruz Festival in Bamyan

The ninth celebration of Nawruz was held in front of the caves of the Buddha statues. Music, poetry, theater, storytelling, ...
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