young people are the backbone of a community, and if opportunities are given to the youth , we will witness an healthy and free society.
Young people have the ability to recognize and understand social problems and find ways to solve them
Youth forms the foundation of a society and is a bridge between ….
To Overcome the problems, we must get….
Teamwork has transformed me from a passive person into an ….
The teamwork experience for me as a young person ….
A basic literacy class in Qala-e-Wahid Refugees Camp. The class held three days a week, every day two hours only red more
we can understand our society better …


Working for positive change in Nangarhar

Young Leaders in Nangarhar have been campaigning to persuade parents to let their children attend school, with a particular focus ...
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Creating incentives to address domestic violence.

A group of Young Leaders in Mazar-e-Sharif joined forces to address the issue of domestic violence within their community, by ...
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Ahmad Wali Karimi

Ahmad Wali Karimi, a young leader of Mazar-e-Sharif, explains how he has become more active in his community: ‘I initially ...
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Then Anadem of Flowers

Golo-Har, (the Anadem of Flowers) was the name of a socio-cultural event conducted by Nangarhar Social Cultural Container. The event ...
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Nawruz Festival in Bamyan

The ninth celebration of Nawruz was held in front of the caves of the Buddha statues. Music, poetry, theater, storytelling, ...
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Being a refugee for one moment

Sayed Jawid never had been a refugee and never had to live in a small tent. “I always lived with ...
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