A basic literacy class in Qala-e-Wahid Refugees Camp. The class held three days a week, every day two hours only red more


Confronting stereotypes

Zaman Amiri, aged 20, grew up in a traditional rural community in the remote district of Waras in Bamiyan province ...
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A meal together

It is difficult to overestimate just how important meals are for Afghans. Many foods and eating habits follow traditional practices, ...
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A chat with an Ismaili friend

Ipso’s ongoing work takes place in a number of areas of Afghanistan inhabited by members of the Ismaili community, a ...
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Akhtariz Tall; Reviving Cultures strengthen sympathy

In Majboor Abad area of Nangarhar province, laughter fills the air while leaves cast a dappled shade as they shift ...
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Let’s fly together

On a breezy spring morning, nothing could tempt Afghan kids more to take to the rooftops or out on the ...
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The Shalamar festival

Afghanistan is a place of different cultural festivals and their celebration without doubt helps to bring communities together as they ...
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