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Step-up for Solidarity


    A prosperous society lies in solidarity and unity, flexibility, and accepting people with the diversity that they have in thoughts, actions, perceptions, and behavior. Balkh Young Leaders, Mubarak Shah Majidi with the close cooperation of Mustafa Hakimi, Ahmad Walid Sharifi and with the involvement of 17 volunteers conducted a one-day project on the theme of [Step-up for Solidarity] in different parts of Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.

    Mubarak Shah Majidi a “Young leader” and the head of [Young Leader Team] says: “The motivation for this project came in mind at a time when people were much separated and lonely due to the diversity that they have in ethnicity, language, region and back group; they had no adequate motivation to work together.”

    Also, people were not united and agree of feeling or action, just they wanted good things for themselves and bad things for others; no one cared about each other, on the other hand, togetherness, unity, and solidarity is the core key for any challenge and difficulty and a big step toward development.”

    Regarding this issue, Mubarak Shah Majidi planned the project “Step-up for Solidarity” that mainly focused on backing up each other and giving helping hands in daily life: “Initially, I trained a group of 19 volunteer-youth about the importance of solidarity among people and potential ways of accomplishing this task. Then, I divided them into four groups, every group had five members, their mission was to go and talk with people.”

    Each group had bunch of Afghanistan’s flags and papers written inspirational quotes and sentence about solidarity and unity for instance, “Solidarity is the core key to have a peaceful and happy life”, or “We must live like we are all from same religion, race, family, and speak same language; while, in reality, it is not true, but for happiness and peace we suppose to live like that”, and “We have to promote solidarity, avoid indifference, and play a part with society in the solution of the problems.” Explained Mubarak Shah Majidi

    A Young Leader Mustafa Hakimi and member of the [Young Leader Team] says: “At the first, it seemed challenging that people will not listen to us, may reject or criticize us. But when the groups moved around the city and came back after 3-hours—they were all looking dynamic, smiling, and satisfied with what they have done.

    As the first group, which were four girls uttered: “When we saw two women who had Hijab waiting for someone, we went for them and they greeted us. At first, they had no idea what we want to say, but we explained, they showed the eagerness and started sharing their life stories. As one of them said that, in her family, no one cares about each other and just everyone minds her/his own business Insha’Allah, after knowing this, I will try to bring unity and cohesion in our family.” Add Mubarak Shah

    Another group said that they talked with two soldiers who just came back home from army training. For them, seeing such people working towards unity and prosperity was brilliant work.” Explained another Young Leader Ahmad Walid Sharifi

    Surprisingly, there was no group who faced critics; that means our people are very enthusiastic and supportive to have a better life. In the end, I thanked everybody for his or her indefatigable collaboration to accomplish the mission.” Mubarak Shad said

    Overall, the main purpose of this project was to spread the message of peace, solidarity and unity, and cooperation among people. Moreover, after going around the city and talking with people, it is being understood that Afghan people are willing to work towards a united and welfare life. The members of this project said farewell by reciting this quote “Together we can reach further.” Concludes Mubarak Shah Majidi