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Hardships made me hopeful

    Life is more difficult where you are under the bullets. This story goes back to few years back when Sahar Gul lived in Helmand province. He and His family were busy with farming and agriculture. Although, there was no school, no hospital nor any other services they lived happily in the village. Unfortunately, fighting and violence intensified, all doors were closing to live safely. 

     “I remember those days, when I was watching TV and saw that many children were going to school. I asked myself: why am I here? Why were my ways blocked? Many questions came to my mind and there were no answers to all these questions. One day I met a man who was helping local people in the village, he motivated me to think about my future and about getting an education.”

    “I was determined to be more serious and my family and I decided to leave the village and we moved to Kabul. On the way, the fighting was on going between insurgents and the national army. We were all stopped for several hours before reaching Kabul. But now, see! How are we living? We live in tents,  but we are hopeful more than we were in Helmand because there is the army, there is security and police around the city. Here, we feel free to go school, play football, cricket, swimming and have lots of funs.” Said Sahar Gul.

    Currently, Sahar Gul is 20 years old and student in six grade of high school next to this refugee camp, as he says it seems late but he is committed to continue his education. He learnt that it is never too late for a new start.

    “Difficult times come to all of us – individually or in the group. We must be strong.”

    I saw sparks of hope on his eyes.  He said “I have changed in short time and I have learnt how to keep my aim. I have a dream and my dream is to teach all refugees’ children who live under the tents in Afghanistan. I hope the days will come for Afghanistan without any refugees and that we all live in peace and with love.”