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Youths against violence

     “Two kids fight with each other while they were playing. They didn’t know this fight would lead to hostility on family level. They families of both kids became enemy after that childish fight.”

    The 24 years old Kawa is working with a group passionate youths to decrease violence in the society. He is living in Mazar-e-sharif city, and it has been 2 years he has been volunteering in social and cultural activities.

    Mr. Kawa has made a dominant personality among youth in Mazar-e-sharif. He had considerable work for the improvement of the society through photography and arranging civic activities.

    Recently, he has been chosen as youth leader and working with a group of volunteers on violence eradication in the society. Mr. Kawa stated, “I have witnessed how a small issue between to kids separated two families and neighbors. It was all because those people who chose being violent rather than talking with each other. I didn’t blame them; it happened because no one had taught them, and since then I chose to work as volunteer for the wellness of the society.”

    Since 2001, Afghan youth are having tremendous effect on people and societies. Afghans rely more on their new and young generation. They believe only young people can bring positive changes in Afghan society. Mr. Kawa is one of those who is accepted by the society as positive change maker and his work has been highly appreciated.

    He believes, “good life and good family makes good society.”