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Working for social responsibilities

    “We know everyone works and does something for money. We work from 8AM to 12PM or 4PM to receive money and live our life. But with all that we do not get inner peace. We should sometimes work voluntarily to fulfill our responsibility toward our youths and society.” 50 years old Amruddin Paiman stated. He is a volunteer, working with Badakhshan socail cultural container.

    Mr. Paiman is the people’s representative and headmaster of one of Badakhshan’s schools. He studied until 14th grade in Badakhshan. He joined Badakhshan’s SCC volunteer program 3 months ago.  He believes working as a volunteer for people and the society is a social responsibility everybody should feel. He stated, “I receive money for my work as headmaster, and that is enough for me and my family. I work here as volunteer to help people to learn and to take the responsibility toward their families and societies.”

    Mr. Paiman works with a team to raise the awareness and encourage people toward social responsibilities. “Some people do not know their responsibilities towards the  societiy and their community. We only help them know who they are and what they need to do for their family and surrounding.”  He added.

    He continued that people are always ready to work for the society; we only need to show them how to start and how to do it.

    Mr. Paiman confesses that helping people and seeing them working for the wellness of society gives him ultimate happiness.