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Nawruz Festival in Bamyan

    The ninth celebration of Nawruz was held in front of the caves of the Buddha statues. Music, poetry, theater, storytelling, acrobatic, a sport show and an agricultural exhibition were part of the event.  The team of the Bamyan sociocultural Container took the opportunity to ecourage people to take responsibility regarding their environment. They demonstrated how every citizen can play a crucial role in a pollution free environment. At the end of the celebration, all participants helped to collect the trashes that has been left at the event place.

    The initiative was profoundly appreciated by all local people. Mohammad Ali, who participated in the event said that he was very happy being part of the compaign: “Usually when people come together for events or are celebrating festivals, go to picnics and hikes, they throw things everywhere and pollute the area. This causes distruction of our natural beauties. Initiatives like today’s campaign promote a culture of accountability among people. It persuades everyone to think about their responsibility toward nature and their living environment.”